Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bund--Sunday Brunch--Birthday Dinner and Attention Wal Mart Shoppers!

Time for shopping Louie!   He is getting used to walking around the city but hates bicycles, vespas, and the random hacking/spitting of the Chinese everywhere---YUK~!  I do not think I will ever get used to that, it makes me nauseous.

We think this is a sculpture of Lou's chinese ancestor.

This area in central Shanghai is called The Bund.  The Huanpu River divides the city and on one side of the Bund are buildings that date to the 1840's and this view is of modern Shanghai.  The tallest skyscraper is the Oriental Pearl Tower. If you have seen the new James Bond movie, this area was in the opening shots.

 This is the opposite side, or old Shanghai.  The British built the first office building here in the 1840's.

The word bund means "embankment along a muddy waterfront."  But today it is far from muddy.  The
paved walkway along the river is huge and there are a lot of people milling about.

 OK---I tried to be cute...

Lunch at M on the bund---Yummy and pretty.

This is only part of the huge flower wall around the walkway on the Bund. Each flower is in a individual pot.

                                            Sunday brunch....I am not weighing myself again EVER!

The Lobster was perfection!

Birthday dinner for Dennis at a place in the French Concession called Ambrosia.  The place used to be the home of Chang Ki Shek.

Shark fin soup-----it was actually good.  Tastes like chicken :)

Happy Birthday Dennis!!

This is in one of the major aisles at Chinese Wal Mart.........fresh fish!

Never going in my shopping cart EVER......smells icky.

Alright McCormick----?? what is Ma Pu To Fu seasoning?

 Pig knuckles of side of ham anyone?   Gag..

Poor frogs...I wanted to set them free like the kid in ET

Lou the Frenchie blogger is very tired....he hopes you enjoyed this edition of his adventure.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lou has arrived in Shanghai!

The Frenchie is here! Lou survived his trip to the Far East and is adjusting well to life in the city.  Now the adventures of a Frenchie in China can really begin!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yu Garden, Playing Dress up and Do they really milk yaks in China??

On the walk to Yu Garden.  The garden is over 400 years old ( recent in Chinese history) and used to cover over 70 acres...the city ate up 40, but the remaining 30 are protected now and will remain untouched.

I could not resist  dressing up and getting the tourist photo taken!


Last Friday we moved to the 20th floor to our permanent is a little look around.

Not much cooking going on in the kitchen....below is how I make dinner.  Three ingredients 1.  Phone  2. Reading glasses. 3. Sherpa book for delivery from a huge number of restaurants.  Press one for English :)  and dinner is ready when the doorbell rings!!

OK---the yak thing....this is a display at the Japanese grocery store across the street.....Yak milk.....hmmmm, not sure I will try it.