Thursday, April 4, 2013

Napping as an Olympic Event

The Frenchie has been a bit lazy as of late, he is in training to qualify if and when the Olympic powers that be include napping as a competitive sport :)

Finally the Loulanator is up and ready to blog!

The lake has been drained and this temporary building is going up for FASHION WEEK!!!  I probably won't see Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum around town, but probably a lot of tall, pretty and on the brink of starvation models out and about.

I hope to score a ticket and get to watch a show or two....

Here are some other random photos of all the sculptures in and around Fuxing park.

I started my Mandarin classes last weekend---Ni shi Shanghai ren ma ?  Are you from Shanghai?  bu shi  No I am not    Wo shi Meiguoren  I am American.  I practice with Mr Gu, our driver, he is very helpful, and he says nu lee!  meaning  very good or hard work is good :)  and the gesture for this is your fist in the air!
My teacher's name is Sandra :)  Thank God she has an American name and it is easy for me to remember!

We can't resist the cute China this little boy's hair do, and the little girl is a true "pack leader"  as her doggie minds her very well!

Jesse is here to clean and Lou loves her!  She is so sweet, she tolerates the Frenchie tug of war game with the plastic bottle.

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